Arvià Langhe Arneis


IN THE VINEYARD Grape variety: Arneis
Production area: Sorì del Ricchino, Diano d'Alba (Cn)
Altitude and exposure: 350 m; West
Soil: Calcareous and clayey, in good percentage sandy; alkaline pH
Year of planting: 2006
Type of growth: Guyot
Fertilizer: Natural manure, green manure
Soil management: Only hoeing and mowing in the rows
Harvest: By hand in small crates; first half of September
Average production: 65 hl/ha

IN THE CELLAR Fermentation: After soft pressing of the grapes, the must is cold and static settled for 2 days. Alcoholic fermentation at 13-15°C (55-59°F) in stainless steel tanks follows.
Aging: In stainless steel tanks on lees for about 3 months. The natural clarification follows.
Bottling: Once bottled, it rests at least 2 months before being released on the market.
Release: 6-8 months after harvesting
Bottles produced: About 6.000
Bottle size: 0.75 L

TASTING NOTES Brilliant straw yellow with delicate green reflections in the glass. Floral and fruity bouquet of acacia flowers, yellow nectarine and melon. Fresh with a pleasant acid cut and great equilibrium between fruit notes and mineral tones on the palate. Arvià in Piedmont dialect means "lively, ready," and can refer to a vivacious and smart kid. We let leaves to partially shade the grapes until the harvest to preserve and intensify their varietal flavors and aromas.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS Excellent as an aperitif. It goes wonderfully with starters, main spring courses and fish dishes


EVOLUTION It best expresses its characteristics in the first 3 years after harvesting.

ALCOHOL CONTENT 12.5-13.5% by Vol.

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