The cellar

In the cellar, as in the vineyard, we minimize our intervention so that each wine freely expresses character and personality, becoming the true reflection of its original grapes and terroir.

We use a combination of traditional and modern wine-making techniques. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. We like that the wood harmonizes and completes our wines without dominating their taste. For this reason, we prefer to use mainly lightly toasted Slavonian and French barrels of 20-25 hectoliters. Whether it is vinified exclusively in stainless steel or it pauses in wood, each wine is given all the time necessary to express itself.
The red wines are bottled without filtration to preserve aroma, color and taste.

The agronomic/enological consulting is entrusted to the sensitivity and expertise of Gianfranco Cordero and its team.

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