The care of the vineyard

Nothing is more beautiful than a vineyard cured and balance. A well-worked vineyard is like a healthy body, a body that lives, that possesses its breath and its sweat. It is the meeting point of all the natural elements (earth, sun, water), a small open-air laboratory.

From the beginning, the path and the growth of our winery has gone hand in hand with a commitment to environmental sustainability. We only use composted cow manure to fertilize the stressed vineyards and have abolished the use of herbicides. In between rows, we sow barley and legumes to contrast the growth of weed and to guarantee nutrient-rich soil for the vines through the green manure technique.The natural revegetation of the rows and the frequent and prompt green pruning prevent the onset of fungal diseases and minimize the number of treatments, among which we give priority to copper and sulphur solutions.

Most of the work in the vineyard is done by hand. We use the same techniques and we dedicate the same care and attention to all our vineyards, whether planted to Dolcetto, Barbera or Nebbiolo. In July, we make the manual thinning of the bunches, the so-called green harvest, in order to decrease the yield and promote optimal maturation, giving the wine concentration and extract: a production deliberately controlled to obtain the maximum return in terms of quality. In September, we prune the leaves in excess in order to give the grapes the best exposure to the sun and reduce the risk of molds.

The harvest is done strictly by hand to select only the healthy and fully mature grapes. The perfect moment to begin picking in each individual vineyard is determined by the ripeness, the sugar and the acidity content of the grapes, and overall weather conditions. The bunches are collected in small crates of 20 Kg in order to preserve their integrity, until they are crushed in the cellar.

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