The history


The Rizieri winery was born from a choice of change, a common project of life and a deep respect for nature and what it produces. At first we have only dreamed of, then looked for a long time and finally found it: it was love at first sight. The site chosen is located in Diano d'Alba, Sorì del Ricchino, which in the memories of the old in the village was the place where it was produced the best Dolcetto in the area.

Since then, we are committed to the growth of our winery with passion, perseverance and, of course, great enthusiasm. The soil quality, the excellent exposure and the careful vineyard management have led to a fast reaffirmation of tradition.

Arturo and Barbara Verrotti di Pianella

Why the oaks

The driveway to the winery is bordered by a row of magnificent secular oak trees that have a unique and special meaning for us. While firmly rooted in the soil that nourishes them, with the foliage turned to the sky, they know how to look elsewhere. Majestic, solid and hospitable, they offer shelter to many species and have always symbolized the ability to survive even to the most difficult times.
The oak wood has always been linked to the world of wine. Indeed, it is from certain varieties of oak that one gets the fine wood from which the barrels, where our more structured wines mature, are handcrafted.

Thus, the oak trees that recur in the winery logo are our tribute to these natural monuments and all that they represent.

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