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The Estate

Rizieri is located on hillside, at an average of 350 m. a.s.l. in the Sorì del Ricchino, a place historically suitable for the production of the best Dolcetto in the area. The vineyards, lying on a calcareous-clayey soil with sandy veins, enjoy an excellent exposure (mainly at noon) and are embraced by woods that act as a natural lung during the hottest summer months, helping to cool and mitigate the air.

The estate develops over an area of about 14 hectares, 7,5 of which are vineyards and the remaining part consists of deciduous and mixed woods.

The company’s beating hearts are the ninteenth-century farmhouse, with the typical L shape of historical buildings in Langa, and the modern cellar, designed to integrate perfectly with the surrounding area.

The photovoltaic system, installed on the roof of the cellar, produces clean electricity with the aim of reducing as much as possible the environmental impact and maximizing energy savings.

Why the Oaks?

The logo of the Rizieri winery is the oaks. When you will come to visit us, a row of majestic and outstanding oaks will welcome and guide you to the main entrance.

Natural monuments, ancient and vigorous, these trees are one of the undisputed actors of the wine world.

Indeed, the barrels, in which our most structured and long-lived wines age, are handcrafted with the precious wood obtained from oak trees.

Our tribute and gratitude go to them in order to continue to preserve the wine philosophy and traditions.


Rizieri Società Agricola Semplice

Via San Calocero, 7 - 12055

Diano d’Alba (CN) - Italy

P.IVA 03278170042

N. REA 277489

Elegant wines from a noble land.