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The Care of the Vineyards

As natural as possible

The Rizieri winery's growth has gone hand in hand with our commitment to environmental sustainability. With this in mind, we fertilize the "lean" vineyards with cow manure and we have banned the use of herbicides.
Between the rows we sow barley and legumes which help to counteract the growth of weeds, nourishing the soil and the vines through the green manuring technique. The natural grassing of the rows and frequent green pruning prevent the onset of fungal diseases by minimizing the use of pesticides, among which we prefer sulfur and copper.

In our vineyard within the Silio cru, located in the north-eastern part of the municipality of La Morra, we use anti-hail nets to protect the precious Nebbiolo for Barolo grapes from the more and more frequent atmospheric events.

Most of the work in the vineyard is done manually. In July, we thin out the bunches, practicing the so called “green harvest”, to reduce yields and favor optimal ripening. In August, we remove the leaves in excess to favor the exposure of the grapes to the sun and make them less sensitive to mold. The harvest is also carried out exclusively by hand in order to select only healthy and perfectly ripe grapes. For each individual vineyard, the ideal time for harvesting is established on the basis of the sugar content, acidity and degree of ripeness of the grapes, as well as atmospheric conditions. The bunches are collected in 20 kg perforated crates to preserve the integrity of the grapes until they are pressed in the cellar.

In the Cellar

Traditional, but also modern

In the cellar, as in the vineyard, we minimize human action. We want that each wine freely expresses the personality of its terroir and the main features of the grapes of origin.
However, we are scrupulous: with the typical care of an artisan, we give great importance to every detail of the production.
Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature.
During aging, it is our desire that the wood harmonizes and completes our wines, without ever dominating their tastes. Therefore, we use 25 hectoliters Slavonian and French oak barrels, tonneaux of 500 liters and some barriques of 225 liters, all lightly toasted.

For each of our wines, we leave all the time necessary to express itself at its best. We would like Time, as well as Nature, to contribute to the full harmony of our wines too.

All the wines are bottled after a light filtration and with the minum use of sulphites in order to preserve their aroma, colour and taste.

The enological and agronomic consulting relies on the sensibility and professionality of the enologists Gianfranco and Serena Cordero and their team.


Rizieri Società Agricola Semplice

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Diano d’Alba (CN) - Italy

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Elegant wines from a noble land.